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Everyone Should Have a Will

I Don’t Have Any Assets; Do I Need a Will? Far too many people view wills as something that only the wealthy have or need. They figure that there’s not much to distribute among their belongings, nothing of real value, so a means of distributing their assets isn’t really necessary. The truth is, everyone has …

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Retirement Accounts: Benefits of Burden

Estate Planning for tax-deferred plans Retirement accounts come in many different forms and are available to nearly every employee.  Some retirement plans are known as “qualified plans,” the most common being employer sponsored 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans, and employee stock ownership plans[i]. Other retirement options include qualified annuity plans, tax sheltered …

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A last will vs. pre-nuptual

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT V. PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT- WHICH ONE PREVAILS? Simple Answer: It depends on the language of the documents. Prenuptial/Anti-nuptial Agreements Generally speaking, a Pre-nuptial Agreement is an agreement that is entered into prior to marriage that delineates each person’s property and how that property is to be handled in the marriage and beyond. …

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