Montana Elder Law Attorney

Making sure that elderly loved ones are adequately cared for can be an exceptionally difficult task. At Tanko Law Office, we draw upon our experience helping clients with questions relating to long-term care, financing and health care decisions. If you have elder law questions, contact us. Some of the questions clients frequently ask are:

  • What are my options to pay for my parents’ health care?
  • Can I prevent medical costs from draining all of my parents’ assets?
  • What is Medicaid planning?
  • How do the changes in the health care law affect my parents’ care?
  • Do Mom and Dad qualify for Medicaid?

Kalispell/Missoula Medicaid Planning Lawyer

The rules and regulations in the health care industry are constantly changing, and having an attorney to help understand what these changes mean for your parents has never been more important. We take the time to walk his clients through all of their options, and helps them understand what options can best serve their parents. Some of these options include:

  • Power of attorney: A power of attorney gives one person the legal power to make decisions (typically involving health care or finances) for another person. This is related to the concepts of conservatorship and guardianship.
  • Assignment of assets: This document transfers the rights to certain property to another person or entity. Many times, assets are transferred to a trust.
  • Long-term care planning: By discussing health care decisions in advance, people are often able to save thousands of dollars and maintain financial flexibility.
  • Medicaid planning: This option allows people to move their assets around (often into a trust) so that they retain the benefits of those assets, but also qualify for the benefits offered by Medicaid.

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