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When situations arise where a loved one is at risk of being exploited, Tanko Law Office can help those in the Nevada, area obtain a guardianship quickly. For help protecting those who are vulnerable and cannot help themselves, contact Tanko Law Office for an initial consultation.

Elder Law

A guardianship is a situation where one person, the guardian, has the ability to make decisions for someone else who cannot make decisions himself or herself. Guardianships are typically necessary with:

  • Elderly family members who are incapacitated and have difficulty with tasks such as managing their own finances
  • Elderly family members who may be the victim of elder abuse. In this situation, an emergency guardianship can be immediately granted, and a follow-up hearing will occur after the family member is out of danger.
  • A minor child who stands to receive a large sum of money, often from a settlement or an inheritance. The guardian in this case makes sure that parents or other family members do not squander the money that belongs to the child.

Although guardianships can be obtained relatively quickly, they are very labor intensive and have extensive filing requirements. When the safety of a family member is at stake, it is important to contact a lawyer to ensure that all of the formalities for a guardianship are fully met. For many years, Tanko has helped families in the Nevada area navigate the legal complexities surrounding guardianships, thereby ensuring the well-being of their loved ones.

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