Power of Attorney

Protect Your Interests with Powers of Attorney

At Tanko Law, we understand the importance of financial powers of attorney and health care documents for your well-being. Careful consideration should be given when naming a person to these most important fiduciary roles. Our attorneys are well experienced in drafting and implementing powers of attorney for financial matters and health care documents in a variety of client situations. With decades of experience, we here at Tanko Law are here to help you in those most difficult times of need. Call today to learn more and how we can help you.


Benefits of a Having Powers of Attorney in Montana

Streamlining Financial Management

A power of attorney allows an individual to appoint a trusted person to manage their financial affairs in the event they become incapacitated or can no longer manage their finances. This ensures that the individual's nominated agent may assist them with financial matters without having to go through a court process to have a guardian appointed.

Making Medical Decisions

A power of attorney can be used to authorize an agent to make medical decisions on an individual’s behalf in the event that they become incapacitated. This allows for their medical care to be properly managed and their desires addressed.

Managing Business Transactions

A power of attorney can be used to authorize a person to manage a business in an individual’s absence or if they become incapacitated. This ensures that the business is properly managed and not left in disarray.

Ensuring Privacy

With a power of attorney, an individual can nominate a trusted individual to handle their affairs without having to go through a court process that would likely lead to disclosure of private affairs. This ensures that their private information is protected and kept confidential.


What Types of Powers of Attorney Are Available in Montana?

In Montana, there are three main types of Asset Power of Attorney documents that can be used: general, limited, and durable.

  • A general power of attorney document grants general authority to an agent to manage all aspects of the principal’s financial affairs, including the ability to handle banking and investments, sign legal documents, and make decisions regarding real estate.
  • A limited power of attorney document grants specific authority to an agent to manage certain aspects of the principal’s financial affairs, such as handling a specific transaction, selling a specific property, or signing a specific document.
  • A durable power of attorney document allows the principal to grant authority to an agent to manage their financial affairs even after the principal has become incapacitated.

Others also include:

  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Minor (Child) Power of Attorney
  • Revocation of Power of Attorney
  • Real Estate Power of Attorney
  • Tax Power of Attorney Form
  • Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV65)

Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney is a directive that allows you to appoint a person to make health care decisions for you when you are unable to do so. It is important to choose someone who meets the state's requirements for a health care agent, is not part of your medical care team, is able to discuss medical care and end-of-life issues with you, and can be trusted to make decisions that adhere to your wishes and values.This person may be a spouse, family member, friend, or member of a faith community, and it is advisable to choose one or more alternates in case the person is unable to fulfill the role.


Directives to Physicians

A directive to physicians, otherwise known as a Living Will, gives health care providers instructions on whether you want to receive or withhold life-sustaining treatment if there is no hope of recovery.  It provides your loved ones and health care providers with your preferences and ensures your desires will be followed.  

Create a Tailored Power of Attorney Agreement with Tanko Law

At Tanko Law, we understand the gravity of granting powers of attorney and the faith it requires. Our attorneys are highly experienced in powers of attorney agreements and will ensure that your wishes are upheld in the event you are unable to make decisions for yourself. We will help you create a POA tailored to your needs and preferences, providing you peace of mind. Don't hesitate, contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.