Victoria Tanko

Victoria Tanko is from upstate New York and the wife of Brian Tanko. She attended Slippery Rock University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesthesiology and later attended The University of Nevada- Las Vegas to a attain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and become a Registered Nurse.

She pursued her medical career at the Knoxville Veterans Administrative Medical Center and also as a labor and delivery Nurse at The University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Currently, Victoria is always involved in many community related projects, the most notable of which was holding a seat on the advisory board of the Sparrow’s Nest in Kalispell, the building of which was kindly purchased and donated by the Tanko family.

Victoria is a proud mother of three beautiful and athletic children and a self- proclaimed, “soccer mom”. When she isn’t shuttling kids to every sport imaginable, Victoria enjoys spending time with her family, hiking and world travel, in particular. Victoria has a love of gaining knowledge from other cultures and she has most recently visited Fiji, China, Africa, Vietnam, Europe and Costa Rica.