Montana Trust Administration Lawyer

One of the main benefits of a Trust is that assets in a Trust do not have to pass through probate. When Trusts are used to avoid probate, it is vital that they are properly administered. Brian Tanko, founder of Tanko Law Office, has many years of experience as a lawyer assisting in Trust administration and in representing trustees in Nevada and Montana. We help our clients, both trustees and beneficiaries, protect themselves and makes sure that the administration of the Trust is accurate and effective. Depending on our clients' roles in the administration, we offer assistance in a variety of ways. Some of these include:

  • For trustees: People who are responsible for administering a Trust are called trustees. They are responsible for making distributions from the Trust. We help trustees make distributions as quickly as possible. However, we also make sure that they are properly making distributions, so that there are no challenges to the administration of the Trust.
  • For beneficiaries: Those who receive distributions from the Trust are called beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are often someone's heirs. We offer assistance to these clients by making sure that Trusts are administered as efficiently as possible. This efficiency minimizes administration costs and means that the client's share of the remaining assets is maximized.

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