Montana Business Formation Lawyer

Tanko Law Office has helped many clients in both Montana and Nevada with their business planning needs. Tanko makes it easy for clients to understand all of the factors that must be considered when starting a business. For existing businesses, we walk clients through a long list of issues that need to be examined in order to have a comprehensive risk management plan.

Kalispell/Missoula Business Planning Attorney

We help our clients with business planning needs:

  • Form an LLC (or multiple LLCs if necessary)
  • Form business partnerships
  • Form corporations
  • Create contracts
  • Put buy/sell agreements in place
  • Find ways, either structurally or contractually, to limit liability

When clients come in looking to start a business, we walk them step-by-step through the various things they need to consider. Some of these topics include:

  • How the business will be organized
  • Whether or not the business will have employees
  • What the tax structure of the business will be (LLC, corporation, partnership)
  • What potential tax consequences different decisions will have on the business

We stress to clients that our relationship with them does not stop just because the planning stage is complete. Existing clients often return to us for help with their risk management issues even after their business entities are in existence. When these situations arise, we enthusiastically offer assistance and embrace the chance to have a continued lawyer-client relationship.

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