The future of millions of families and individuals throughout the United States depends on the outcome of their immigration law matters. At Tanko Law Office we are crafting solutions to help you immigrate legally to the United States. We strive to offer solutions that can only be developed through experience and skill in immigration law.

Need a temporary working visa? A green card? US citizenship? Denise James, Esq., with Tanko Law Office, has helped many immigrants achieve their goals of varying degrees of visitation and immigration to the United States. Denise has assisted them in obtaining temporary work visas, green cards and becoming naturalized citizens.

She can explain how to: obtain a temporary visa, get a green card (through marriage, relatives, employment, investment, asylum and the green card lottery) or become an American citizen.

Denise James - Tanko Law OfficeDenise James, Attorney

If you’re in need of a green card, a temporary work visa or legal United States citizenship status, Denise James, Esq. of the Tanko Law Office offers legal guidance for those looking to obtain a green card through relatives, marriage, investment, employment, asylum and the green card lottery, as well as guidance in obtaining a work visa or becoming a United States citizen.