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4 Reasons to Retire in Montana

Are you thinking about retiring, and are wondering where to go when you do? Many people retire and stay right in the state where they have lived for years, but others look for places where they can enjoy a quiet life in their twilight years, somewhere different, a change of pace with new scenery, new activities and new friends.

Montana can be a great place to lay down roots in the later years of life. Learn these four reasons why you might want to retire in this state, and how a Montana elder law attorney can help you with your estate and final planning.

Tax-Friendly Retirement

One of the best reasons to retire in Montana is that it’s one of the most tax-friendly states for retirees in the union. Not only does this state have an overall lower tax burden than the rest of the United States, its income tax rates are capped at 6.9 percent, certain amounts of social security payments and pensions aren’t taxed, and there is no sales tax in Montana at all.

Beautiful and Tranquil Settings

If you’re looking for a place to live your life in peace and harmony with gorgeous vistas, mountains, lakes, and great community, Montana has some of the best retirement towns around. The most popular of these is Whitefish, with its upscale sensibilities and beautiful mountain and lakeside location. Other great retirement locations are Missoula, Helena and Bozeman.

Recreation and Activities

The natural setting of Montana offers a range of great recreation and activities to keep you healthy and active in your later years. Enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, great golf courses and temperate climates in a state where there is always something to do.

Great Healthcare

In 2014, CNN Money and Bankrate ranked Montana a s being among the best states in which to retire, citing plenty of room to move about, large lakes, and one of the top hospitals in the nation in Kalispell Regional Medical Center. For those looking for a great place to retire, healthcare is a vital part of those later years, and the question really isn’t why you should move here, but why you wouldn’t move somewhere boasting such a highly-ranked hospital.

Montana Elder Law Attorney

Of course, one of the most important parts of retirement is planning for your future, and the future of your younger relatives. This means getting your affairs in order in a solid and reliable way. When it comes time to plan your will, manage your estate, and determine who is going to make vital decisions for you in terms of finances and healthcare, should you become unable to do so, you’ll want the services of an experienced Montana elder law attorney.

An elder law lawyer isn’t just someone to sign off on your will; they’re someone who knows how to make tough decisions and can be a trusted advisor and confidante on these issues. If you’re thinking about retiring in Montana and would like help with your estate planning, you can trust Tanko Law to help. Get in touch with us to get started, or for answers to any questions you might have today!

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