The Importance of Making a Will

Many of us do not want to spend our time thinking about our death, which is pretty much what it means when you sit down to make a will. You have to consider what you want to leave, and to whom, after you have passed away, and it is often much easier convincing ourselves that making a will can wait, especially if you are in pretty good health.

The reality is that life is full of surprises, and not necessarily the best ones either. It is therefore very important that you make a will as early as possible, if for nothing else than to safeguard your loved ones from the troublesome issues that will no doubt arise if you ignore this responsibility. Making a will in Montana

By using this guide from Tanko Law, we hope that you consider making a will before its too late.

What Happens If You Don’t Make a Will?

If you do not make a will, the government will take care of it for you, meaning that your estate and all of your assets will be distributed according to the laws of your state. In practice, this tends to result in the government bequeathing everything you owned to your family, specifically your spouse, children, and other next of kin. The government does not, however, usually split up possessions, so actually deciding who gets what can get very messy very quickly.

Rich or Poor: Does It Matter?

Whether you are rich or poor does not really matter here. If you have any possessions or assets, including simple and straightforward items like a house or a car, they are usually subject to the rules set down in your will. Obviously, some people will have more to leave behind than others, but the importance behind making a will is all the same no matter who are you.

Reasons to Make a Will

These are just some of the most common reasons in favor of making a will. Depending on your personal circumstances, some of these items might be more applicable. At the end of the day, you will want to discuss these options with loved ones and a professional legal attorney.

Look After Your Children

You want to protect your children in an event of a sudden passing. This includes not just through material possessions but by appointing a legal guardian as well—someone you would trust with your kids.

Protect Your Business

If you started a small business and want to see the continued success of that venture, you will want to make sure you do a little estate planning beforehand. Otherwise, there’s little protecting it from falling apart in your absence.

Donate to Charity

There is no reason why making a will should only apply to friends and family. Why not donate some of your assets to charity? If nothing else, it would make for a grand gesture at the end of what was hopefully a wonderful life.

Take the Burden Off Others

You should ultimately make a will to ease the stress of your passing on loved ones. By leaving behind a legal quandary, you are doing no one any favors. Instead, let your friends and family mourn in peace by taking the burden off them while you still can.

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